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Get their Attention

Once your prospect answers the phone, you have a split second to get their attention. The easiest, fastest way to get someone's attention is to use the most beautiful word in the world to them—their name.

Anywhere, anytime, when you say another person's name, they will sit up and lookup. For that split second you have their attention. The same dynamic is at play when telephone prospecting, and it is important to use this to your advantage. Just say: " Hi, Kavya. "

Do not ask → How are you doing?

There is a reason for this. When you interrupt a prospect's day, you get resistance. This resistance hits a peak as soon as they realize that you are a salesperson and that they made a big mistake by answering their phone.

This realization happens right after you say something like, Hi, this is Rohan from the widget company. How are you today? Then you pause.

That's when your prospect's instinct to get off the phone and back to whatever they were doing kicks in. They immediately hit you with a reflex response like I'm not interested or ask, Who is this ?

As soon as you pause, She hit you with an objection and a stern tone of voice. That's how your prospect is doing and that's how you lose control of the call.

Don't ask, How are you doing? and don't pause or leave any awkward silence. Say their name and keep moving.

Identify yourself & tell them what you want.

Get right down to business. Say your prospect's name, then tell her who you are and the reason you called.

Transparency has two benefits.

  • It demonstrates that you are a professional and that you have respect for your prospect's time - save the idle chitchat until you have established a real relationship.
  • By telling them who you are and why you are calling, you reduce their stress because people are more comfortable when they know what to expect.

Prospects are people, just like you. They don't want to be tricked, they don't want to be manipulated, and they don't want to be interrupted. What they want is to be treated with respect. The best way you can show your respect is to be truthful, relevant, and to the point.

Bridge - "Give them a because..."

We've already learned that when we ask people to do something for us, like give up their time, they are more likely to do so when we give them a reason—or 'a because'.

The bridge connects the dots between what you want and why they should give it to you. You've interrupted their day, told them why you are calling, and now you must give them a reason to give up more of their precious time to you.

The person you are calling could not care less about your product, service, or features. They don't care about what you want or what you would love or like to do. They don't care about your desires, your quota, or that you are going to be over in their area.

They only care about what is relevant to their problems and they will give up their time to you for their reasons, not yours. This is why message matters. What you say and how you say it will either generate resistance and objections or it will pull the wall down and open the door to a yes.

Avoid saying things like:

I want to talk to you about my product.

I'd love to get together with you to show you what we have to offer.

I want to tell you about our new service.

These statements are all about you and the words talk, tell, and show send a subtle message that what you really want to do is pitch and that is the last thing your prospect wants.

Ask For What You Want, and Shut Up!

The most important step is asking for what you want.

If you are qualifying, ask for the information you need to determine your next step.

If you want an appointment, ask for a day and time.

If you want to engage in a sales conversation, ask an open-ended question that gets them talking.

Your goal is to get to yes, no, or maybe fast. Don't waste any time here. Don't talk in circles. Don't use passive, limp language and phrases like maybe if it would be okay and if you are not too busy, we could kinda maybe get together for a few minutes, what do you think?

Be confident, direct, and smooth—and don't pause. Get to the point. Ask and assume.

Note: Use the Email framework to build your email pitches.


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